Dr. Norka Malberg

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Contributing Faculty

Norka T. Malberg, PsyD. is a certified child psychoanalyst. She trained at the Anna Freud Centre in London and obtained her clinical doctorate from University College London under the supervision of Dr. Peter Fonagy for her work on clinical applications of attachment theory to working clinically with chronically ill adolescents. She is currently in private practice in Barcelona Spain (since Spring, 2020) and  Connecticut (online) where she is an Assistant Clinical Professor at the Yale Child Study Center  where she conducts an early childhood seminar for child psychiatric residents amongst her main duties.

She is a member of the Western New England Psychoanalytic Society's and the Contemporary Freudian Society in New York City.

Dr. Malberg is co-editor a book of the Lines of Development Book Series for which she co-edited the first book: The Anna Freudian Tradition. She is in the editorial board for the Psychoanalytic Study of the Child and the Journal of Infant, Child And Adolescent Psychotherapy. Dr. Malberg is the co-editor of the Child and Adolescent Sections of the PDM-2  (Psychodynamic Diagnostic Manual).  She is one of five authors of the  book: Time limited MBT-C published by the American Psychological Association Press in 2017 and recently featured as guest master clinician in the APA Video Series illustrating MBT techniques and most recently in a series of videos on Working with emotions in psychotherapy alongside Les Greenberg (EFT) and Michael Tompkins (CBT).

Dr. Malberg is originally from Puerto Rico. She teaches and lectures regularly in Latin America and Europe in the areas of attachment, play, developmental psychoanalysis, children and trauma and their management and understanding in the context of school, hospitals and legal contexts.