Correspondence from our Centers and Clinics

GSAPP’s centers and clinics are an integral part of training our students as future psychologists. These programs also provide mental health services to individuals, children and families in underserved communities.

As we respond to the COVID-19 health crisis, our center directors have sent correspondence which highlights directives for patients, parents, and families. Links to these letters (and emails) are attached below and provide details regarding the operation of our centers and clinics.

Center for Psychological Services (CPS)

Douglass Development Disabilities Center (DDDC)

Rutgers Center for Adult Autism Services (RCAAS)

      College Support Program (CSP)

For additional information about our academic programs or services at each of our centers and clinics, please reach out to the faculty and staff members below.

GSAPP Status

Dean Francine Conway:

Program Directors

Clinical Program: Angelica Diaz Martinez

School Program: Elisa Shernoff

Applied Program: Peter Economou

Centers and Clinics

CASUS: Denise Hien

DDDC: Catriona Francis

RCAAS: Christopher Manente

CPS: Andrea Quinn

Faculty-Led and Specialty Clinics

FCCP: Kate Garcia

ADC: Andrea Quinn

TS: Graham Hartke

YAD-C: Brian Chu

DBT: Shireen Rizvi

ADHD: Stephanie Lyon-Stirling

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