Dr. Louis Sass' book Madness and Modernism, Revised Edition (Oxford University Press), received the first prize in the psychiatry category in the British Medical Association Medical Book Awards 2018. Congratulations! Click Madness and Modernism to learn more about the book. 
Congratulations to Dr. Linda Reddy for being elected as an APA Council Representative for 2019-2022! Dr. Reddy is a Professor in the School Psychology Doctoral Program. She has published over 100 articles and book chapters and six books on classroom assessment, coaching, ADHD, and measurement... read more
We are pleased to announce and welcome Nayland Smith as GSAPP’s Chief Digital Strategist and Director of Innovation & Corporate Relations.  Nayland comes to GSAPP with extensive experience and a strong track record in business development, digital marketing and strategy, and corporate relations... read more
We are pleased to announce that Dr. Angelica Diaz-Martinez has been appointed as the Director of Clinical Training in the Department of Clinical Psychology for the Fall of 2018. Angelica brings a wealth of experience and skills to the position. She will be an incredible asset to the program amidst... read more
A group of GSAPP-affiliated researchers – Ryan J. Kettler (School Associate Professor), Kelly A. Feeney-Kettler (former instructor), and Leah Dembitzer (School ’16) won first place in a competition to design a direct assessment of social-emotional skills. Drs. Kettler, Feeney-Kettler, and Dembitzer... read more
Congratulations to Dr. Brian Chu, associate professor of clinical psychology, who received faculty honors at the Rutgers University graduation on May 13. Chu has been recognized as a fellow by the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies for outstanding contributions to the field of... read more
Madness and Modernism: Insanity in the Light of Modern Art, Literatureand Thought  is the magnum opus of the distinguished clinical psychologist and phenomenologist of psychopathology Louis A. Sass. Twenty-five years after its initial publication by Basic Books and then Harvard University Press, a... read more
Dr. Adam Lekwa (right) and Dr. Linda Reddy (center) received the 2018 American Educational Research Association (AERA) Outstanding Article of the Year Award for Research, Evaluation, and Assessment in Schools Assessment & Accountability (Lekwa, A.J., Reddy, L.A., Dudek, C., & Hua, A. (Under... read more
SungWoo Kahng, Ph.D., BCBA The Autism Academic & Applied Services Division of GSAPP welcomes SungWoo Kahng, Ph.D., BCBA, to the faculty of the Department of Applied Psychology at GSAPP this summer. He is appointed as a Clinical Associate Professor at the Douglass Developmental Disabilities... read more
Dr. Adam Lekwa was awarded the 2018 AERA Division H Outstanding Publication Award – section: Assessment & Accountability. Lekwa, A., Reddy, L.A., Dudek, C., & Hua, A. (2018). Does Assessment of Teacher Practice Relate to Gains in Student Achievement? An Investigation with High Poverty... read more