Dr. Joanna Lee Williams and Colleagues Publish Report on Mental Health Strategies for Youth

September 2021

Congratulations to GSAPP Associate Professor, Dr. Joanna Lee Williams, on the publication of "School-Based Strategies for Addressing the Mental Health and Well-Being of Youth in the Wake of COVID-19" in the National Academies PressRead the full article here.   

The pandemic has undoubtedly exacerbated stress, anxiety, depression, and other mental health symptoms among young people (ages 10-18).  This impact is disproportionately felt by young people who come from traditionally marginalized communities, or who face economic hardships. School-based settings need strategies that bridge the gap between mental health needs and access to available resources and services. The proposed strategies in this publication can be used to support the mental health needs of young people and the holistic needs of educators and staff. 

Dr. Williams' report demonstrates GSAPP's continued commitment to being the gold standard of excellence in professional psychology, exemplified through its faculty research, teaching and publication of timely, relevant issues affecting underserved populations.

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