Dr. Kristen Riley Awarded Grant for Stigma Intervention

Mar, 2021

Congratulations to Assistant Professor, Dr. Kristen Riley! The grant, Testing Step UP! SOS as a Way to Increase Multidisciplinary Collaborations and Reduce Tobacco-related Stigma in Cancer Prevention, has been selected as the awardee for 2021 Cancer Prevention and Control (CPC) Research Stimulus Small Award Program at Rutgers CINJ.

The proposed study would test a novel stigma reduction intervention, Step UP! To Stamp Out Stigma (Step UP! SOS), as a way to decrease tobacco-related stigma and increase interdisciplinary coordination among providers. The results of this preliminary study will support an application to the National Institutes of Health to conduct a large-scale randomized control trial to test for any associations between the intervention and improved clinical team cohesion, and additional key distal outcomes including increased tobacco cessation, and enhanced patient quality of life.

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