Faculty and Staff Publications

Feb, 2022

The latest publications from GSAPP's faculty and staff. 

The Essential Sex Education Book for Parents: Guided Conversations to Have with Your Tweens and Teens

Find out how you can tackle the sometimes difficult subject of sex in a way that encourages your child to open up, be honest, and not feel ashamed. This modern guide helps you confidently discuss 70 essential sex education topics. Each subject features an easy-to-understand explanation, as well as questions and prompts designed to help you start meaningful dialogues.

Author: Dan Rice
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Carol Lidz

Developing a Foundation for Learning with Internationally Adopted Children
Family-Based Activities for Remedial Learning and Attachment

This practice-focused guide introduces The SmartStart Toolbox as a remedial program to help mental health professionals and adoptive parents promote the educational and social development of internationally adopted children aged 4–8.

Authors: Boris Gindis, Carol S. Lidz
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Carol Lidz

Mental Health Strategies for Pediatric Care  

Mental Health Strategies for Pediatric Care provides a framework for identifying and understanding the common factors and common elements of mental health care and, as a natural outgrowth, incorporating a multitude of considerations into daily practice

Authors: Susan G. Forman, Jeffrey D. Shahidullah,  Cody A. Hostutler, Cori M. Green, Rebecca A. Baum
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