GSAPP Student Eleanore Hall and GSAPP Faculty Jeff Shahidullah highlight the need to target mental health needs of low-SES NICU families

Aug, 2019

GSAPP student Eleanore Hall and GSAPP assistant professor Jeffrey Shahidullah published a paper in the Journal of Perinatology discussing the need to strategically target low Socioeconomic Status Mothers (SES) Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) families to address mental health concerns. Given that in the United States, ethnic minority status and low-SES both confer greater risk of premature birth, the paper highlights the importance of strategically targeting low-SES NICU families in mental health interventions. Considering the known adverse effects of postpartum depression on children’s development, NICU-based mental health services for these high-risk mothers is an important public health intervention.

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