GSAPP Student Hui Jiang Delivers Keynote in China on Autism Intervention

Dec, 2019

On October 20, Hui Jiang, a first-year School Psy.D. student, delivered the keynote presentation at Dami and Xiaomi Child Development Center, which is a center-based school for children with Autism in China.

This was the 5th-anniversary symposium on early childhood special education that covered a wide range of topics in Autism. Approximately 10,000 participants attended the presentation, with additional listeners who joined remotely. During the presentation, Jiang discussed how to promote peer interactions for children with autism in inclusive early learning environments. She focused on using Structured Play Group and Social Stories to support peer interaction, while her co-presenter, Dr. Sunny MacDevitt from St John's University, presented on Peer-Mediated Intervention. Jiang has been involved with Dami and Xiaomi to develop and publish culturally responsive curricula and to conduct research studies on teacher development and inclusive education with many collaborators, including Professors at St John's University and City College of New York. She has published books on using social stories to teach children with Autism in collaboration with Dami and Xiaomi. 

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