New Journal Publication from RCAAS, DDDC, GSAPP Alumni

June 2021

The Journal of Behavior Education recently published a pivotal research study from Director of the RCAAS-SCALE Program (and three-time RU alum), Dr. James Maraventano; Director of Behavioral Services at the RCAAS and DDDC, Dr. Robert LaRue; DDDC Adult Program Behavior Analyst, Jenna Budge; and GSAPP alumni, Catherine Kishel, and Dr. David Singer.  Read the full article, "The Effects of Signaled Delays on the Effectiveness of Differential Reinforcement of Other Behavior (DRO) Reinforcement Systems," here to learn how the use of DRO reinforcement systems can be optimized in practice.  "My colleagues and I are dedicated to the mission of improving outcomes for adults on the autism spectrum.  As researchers and service providers, we hope this study can be of benefit to other dedicated professionals who serve the adult autistic community," Dr. Maraventano said.

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