Roy Aranda Hosts New Spanish TV Show

Oct, 2018

GSAPP alum Roy Aranda (’82) is the host of a new talk show on Spanish-language television network, TribunaTV. Aranda began the show “to empower Hispanic viewers by providing education, a voice, and a means and forum to ask questions.” Although a Spanish show, Aranda says he is “making it at least somewhat bilingual via my translations.” It is Aranda’s hope to continue to attract more viewers, including more English-dominant Hispanics.

His first two episodes included guest appearances from New York State Psychological Association members Drs. Peter Kanaris and Deena Abbe, and Aranda invites interested GSAPP alumni or students to appear on the show, as well. “It’s fun,” says Aranda. “They will be providing an educational and empowering service to many diverse communities in several states, and it is an opportunity to gain more public exposure,” he continues.

Aranda’s next show is on Thursday, October 25, 2018, live from 9 p.m. to 10 p.m. and can be viewed here. The topic—pursuant to the recent controversial Supreme Court confirmation hearings rife with allegations of sexual assault—is sexual assault and sexual harassment.

The show’s first two episodes are archived under Videos on Demand, “Programas Especiales” on the TribunaTV website. Future episodes will also be archived there, and, beginning with the October 25, 2018, broadcast, shows will also be available through YouTube.

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