Rutgers' Paraprofessional Behavior Support Coaching Project Publishes New Journal Articles

Jul, 2020

The Rutgers Paraprofessional Behavior Support Coaching Project recently published two new articles in Clinical Case Studies and Psychology in the Schools.

Reddy, L. A., Alperin, A., & Glover, T. A. (2020). A critical review of the professional development literature for paraprofessionals supporting students with externalizing behavior disorders. Psychology in the Schools. Read here.

Alperin, A., Reddy, L.A., Glover, T.A., Breeden, N., Dudek, C., & Regan, P. (2020). Behavior support coaching for a paraprofessional working with first-grade students exhibiting disruptive behavior problems in an urban high-poverty elementary school. Clinical Case Studies. Read here.

The Rutgers Paraprofessional Coaching Project provides job-embedded professional development supports to enhance Elementary Grades K-5 Paraprofessionals’ work with students that have challenging behavioral issues in the classroom. For the past three years, Principal Investigators Dr. Linda Reddy and Dr. Todd Glover have led the project along with their research team: Dr. Alexander Alperin, Dr. Nicole Breeden, Dr. Briana Bronstein, and Mr. Patrick Regan, and project manager, Mr. Christopher Dudek.

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