Terry Wilson has accepted an invitation

Oct, 2017

Dr. Terry Wilson has accepted an invitation to serve on the media panel of the Coalition for the Advancement and Application of Psychological Science (CAAPS) that promotes science to understand, reduce, and prevent the burden of mental illness, and to foster adaptive development and well-being. CAAPS is an association recently formed to foster collaborations among existing professional associations in psychology, with a shared desire to reduce the US mental health burden through the generation of clinical science and application of its findings. We find opportunities for synergy among groups with similar missions, and effect change by offering a unified voice within the field. CAAPS association members and observers currently include the Academy of Psychological Clinical Science (APCS), representatives from the science and practice directorates of the American Psychological Association (APA), the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies (ABCT), the Association for Psychological Science (APS, observer), Council of Graduate Departments of Psychology (COGDOP), Council of University Directors of Clinical Psychology (CUDCP), Psychological Clinical Science Accreditation System (PCSAS, observer), Society of Clinical Child & Adolescent Psychology (SCCAP), Society for Research in Psychopathology (SRP), and Society for a Science of Clinical Psychology (SSCP). The goal is to communicate clinical science findings to the broadest audience possible, to reach all who may benefit from psychological services. This requires active participation with the media. Our work with a few high-profile journalists and with a PR firm has taught us that our best chance to make an impact is by generating a curated media kit to be posted by all member associations and shared broadly with reporters. This media kit will strongly increase the likelihood that psychological science is covered, and that psychological experts who are consulted are most likely to represent the state of the art science our field has to offer.

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