(The Concentration is only available for students who entered GSAPP prior to September 2015 and took the semester-long course in Community Psychology (820:593), last offered in the fall of 2015.)

Definition of Community Psychology:
By integrating research with action, Community Psychology seeks to understand and enhance the quality of life of individuals, communities, and societies. Community Psychology approaches are characterized by collaboration with stakeholders, interventions that focus on problem prevention and/or wellness promotion, ecological and systems levels of analysis and action, an outreach versus waiting orientation, and a commitment to the empowerment of underserved communities.

Procedure for Declaring a Community Psychology Concentration
A form listing the requirements and encouraged component (dissertation) with check boxes next to each would be completed by the student and signed by the Community Psychology Coordinator. This would be inserted into the student's file and the Coordinator would keep a roster of students who have declared the concentration.

Community Psychology Faculty

Cary Cherniss Community Psychology Concentration Program Coordinator 
Nancy Boyd-Franklin
Brenna Bry
Maurice Elias (SAS)
Dan Fishman
Susan Forman
Anne Gregory
Monica Indart (Visiting)
Shalonda Kelly
Andy Peterson (Social Work)
Elisa Shernoff
Jamie Walkup
Jami Young

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