We consider ourselves fortunate that so many smart, talented students entrust their training to the clinical Psy.D. program at the Graduate School of Applied & Professional Psychology.  We take pleasure in teaching our doctoral students, pride in the excellence they achieve, and satisfaction in the many lives they make better with the skills they acquire. 

We are part of a major research university, and our faculty includes internationally known scholars and researchers, who regularly contribute to the literature on a range of topics.   We encourage student involvement in our projects, and many students find research is more fun than it looked in college.  Some develop a taste for it, and decide to include it in their career plans; but in our program nobody has to pretend that they aim to be a researcher when they really want to be a clinician.  

We value diversity.  Psychology has an obligation to develop resources, adapt and test approaches to reach people from diverse cultures and social circumstances, and break down barriers that make it hard for anyone to benefit from what it has to offer.  Our students share these values, and our thriving community of student-faculty organizations keeps these values front and center in the classroom, clinic, and community.

Becoming a top-flight clinician is hard work.  Even the most gifted students have a lot to learn.  Clinical experience starts in first semester foundations courses, supported by high-quality supervision.  Teaching stresses science as well as skill building:  psychological models and research findings provide a platform to build proficiency using a progression of practical, up-to-date techniques for working with people with a range of problems.  Course work and clinical training are rigorous, and their pace demanding, but our students are well prepared for a future shaped by new knowledge, new clinical needs, and new opportunities to use psychological knowledge to promote human welfare.

I hope this description of our program motivates you to learn more.  We have much to offer, but every student needs to find a good match to their individual needs: a place that will challenge them, support them, and give them the skills needed to become the clinical psychologist they aspire to be.  Have a look.

James Walkup, Ph.D. 
Professor and Chair
Department of Clinical Psychology 
Director of Clinical Training