CGSAPP Community Psychology Concentration Description Revised October 2013
The Community Psychology concentration at GSAPP involves a number of related courses, practicum experiences, and research opportunities.  Students can pursue this concentration through any of the existing programs:  Clinical, Organizational, or School Psychology.

Definition of Community Psychology 
By integrating research with action, Community Psychology seeks to understand and enhance the quality of life of individuals, communities, and societies. Community Psychology approaches are characterized by collaboration with stakeholders, interventions that focus on problem prevention and/or wellness promotion, ecological and systems levels of analysis and action, an outreach versus waiting orientation, and a commitment to the empowerment of underserved communities. 

Purpose of the Concentration
Contribute to GSAPP’s goal of integrating its separate programs by enabling students to draw on the strengths of two or more of them.

  1. Help GSAPP attract applicants.
  2. Promote values that have been core to GSAPP’s mission from the beginning.
  3. Provide guidance to students who want to make community psychology a major part of their education.


A. Practicum 
Community Psychology Practicum. One semester, one day per week. Subject to the approval of CPC Practicum Subcommittee based on brief student proposal of community relevance of the practicum.

B. Courses
1. Theoretical Foundations of Intervention: Systems
2. Community Psychology
3. Program Evaluation 
4. Psychological Interventions Ethnic & Racial Minority Clients and Families; or, Diversity and Racial Identity 
5. Choice of one of the following:

  • Crisis Intervention
  • Adult and Organizational Learning & Change
  • Innovation Implementation and School Change
  • Family Therapy
  • Consultation Methods
  • Severe Mental Illness
  • Course from another Rutgers unit such as Public Health or Ph.D. Psychology approved by CPC faculty.

C.  Dissertation 
A Community Psychology Dissertation is encouraged but not required.  The topic should be related to community psychology and the dissertation committee should include at least one of the listed Community Psychology faculty.
Procedure for Declaring a Community Psychology Concentration 
A form listing the requirements, with check boxes next to each, is to be completed by the student and signed by the Community Psychology Coordinator. The form is then inserted into the student’s file, and the Coordinator keeps a roster of students who have declared the concentration.