For students entering the Rutgers School Psychology Program with prior graduate education, and who may desire to transfer credit and/or waive courses, the following policies and procedures are applicable:

  1. Students who have completed master’s degrees or other graduate education from other accredited universities may transfer up to thirty credits of graduate coursework and may waive any courses required in the Rutgers School Psychology program they have completed.
  2. Entering student requests for transfers and waivers are subject to the approval of School Psychology faculty after review of syllabi and other written materials from courses that students wish to transfer or waive.
  3. All School Psychology Program requirements must be met through completion of coursework and fieldwork at Rutgers University or through transfer or waiver.
  4. Entering students who obtain faculty approval to transfer and/or waive courses must complete at least 51credit hours at Rutgers University including 12 credits of advanced practicum, 6 credits of advanced supervision, 6 credits of doctoral internship (in order to fulfill group supervision and training activities requirements, school students may need to register for 6 credits of internship seminar), and 9 credits of dissertation, as well as didactic courses chosen from unmet School Psychology Program course requirements or electives.
  5. All approvals for transfer of credit and waiver of courses must be requested and approved using the “Transfer of Credit” and “Application for Waiver of Required Course” forms which are available on the GSAPP website. (Rev 2017)