You may only apply online. Applicants should apply to only one of the two programs offered: School Psychology or Clinical Psychology.

**Applicants are restricted from applying to more than one (1) doctoral psychology program in New Brunswick each term. Applying to more than one program may significantly delay your application**

The Clinical PsyD & School PsyD Programs share a common deadline of December 1, 2023 for admissions entering Fall 2024. All application materials should be submitted on or before the December 1st deadline. The deadline is Deceber 1, 2023, even though the catalog lists a different date.

Admissions Requirements:

Application fee: Currently $70.00. Payment can be made by mailing in a check or online with credit card

Official transcripts from each undergraduate and graduate institution attended can be sent electronically or mailed in a sealed envelope.

  • If sending electronically, please send them to: (recommended)
  • Because of back-logged registrars’ offices, applicants are advised to upload unofficial transcripts with their applications. However, it is expected official transcripts will be sent, as well.

Three Completed Letters of Recommendation; must be sent electronically

Please submit a personal statement describing your experiences related to, and your commitment to, pursuing a career in professional psychology and a doctoral degree.

  • Page length: 1.5-2 pages approximately 750 – 1000 words; must be sent electronically

Clinical PsyD Program & School PsyD Program: The Clinical & School Psychology PsyD programs will NOT require the general GRE's or GRE subject test and will NOT consider them as part of any application package (i.e., the application process will not have you submit or forward scores).GRE's are not required, even though the catalog still lists them as a requirement.

Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is also required of all foreign applicants whose native language is not English. The TOEFL requirement may be waived for applicants who can present sufficiently compelling evidence of their abilities in English

Resume; must be sent electronically

Indicate the program to which you are applying. Clinical PsyD or School PsyD

Note: You can check your application for materials received (transcripts, letters). Log into the portal and go to supporting materials, you will be able to see what has and has not been received.

Admission application materials should be sent directly to:

Offices of Graduate and Professional Admissions

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey


65 Davidson Road

Piscataway, NJ 08854

For admission

Application deadline

The Clinical & School Psychology PsyD programs will NOT require the general GRE's and will NOT consider them as part of any application package (i.e., the application process will not have you submit or forward scores).GRE's are not required, even though the catalog still lists them as a requirement.


Sept 2024

Dec. 1, 2023


Sept 2025

Dec. 1, 2024



General Admission Qualifications

Consideration for admission into any of the Psy.D. programs requires a bachelor's or master's degree, preferably with a major in psychology; an excellent scholastic average; favorable recommendations from at least three persons who know the academic and personal qualifications of the applicant; and appropriate statements from the applicant as stated on the application form. Requests for admission interviews are too numerous to honor. However, the admissions committee may invite applicants for an interview after the initial screening of written applications. 

Notifications of decisions are sent to all applicants on or about April 1.

Students entering the programs at GSAPP need not have majored in psychology. However, they are generally expected to have taken the main courses for an undergraduate major in the field. Prior to entering the program, students must have taken courses covering the following areas: introductory psychology, statistics, abnormal psychology, and the biological bases of psychology. Students also should have taken at least one and preferably two courses in the following areas: cognitive psychology; psychology of perception, conditioning, and learning; developmental psychology; psychology of personality; and social psychology. We prefer that one of the above-listed courses have a laboratory component. Both clinical and school psychology programs welcome applications from Rutgers students who are properly prepared with good academic records and references.

We do not provide feedback about a prospective applicant’s undergraduate curriculum to determine whether applicants meet any of the above criteria this includes pre-requisite courses. During the admissions process, each applicant will be asked to describe how they have met each criteria, or will meet each criteria, prior to matriculation in any doctoral program. It will be up to each candidate to describe how their prior coursework meets the content requirements above. During the interview process or once an applicant is offered admissions, the program will give feedback to individual students.

For questions about a specific program, please contact:

For additional information for the Clinical PsyD program contact:
Julie Skorny
Program Coordinator, Clinical Program
Phone: 848-445-3980

For additional information for the School PsyD program contact:
Robin Hussey
Program Coordinator, School Program
Phone: 848-445-3837

For complete details about the programs offered and admission, please see the GSAPP Catalog.