About Us


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Interactive Virtual Training for Teachers (IVT-T) is a free online professional development model funded by the Institute of Education Sciences.

IVT-T provides a realistic, compelling training environment for teachers and is an alternative to on-the-job training with real students for whom classroom management errors can be costly to all learners. 

Through IVT-T, teachers working in high poverty elementary and middle schools can:

  • Interact with first or sixth grade virtual students who have difficulty staying focused and following instructions or are non-compliant (e.g., arguing, refusing to follow instructions, verbally and physically aggressive).
  • Practice responding to avatars who escalate (become more off-task and aggressive) or de-escalate (become more engaged and compliant) based on how teachers respond to the avatar behaviors.
  • Reflect on their interactions with the avatars.
  • Receive immediate online coaching and feedback regarding how to improve their classroom management skills.