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Clinical Psychology

Department of Clinical Psychology

GSAPP's APA-accredited Doctorate in Clinical Psychology (PsyD) program aims to educate the next generation of practitioner-scholar psychologists.


Our faculty are experts in their respective fields and well-known nationally and internationally. They conduct cutting-edge research and are dedicated to using that knowledge to train the next generation of clinical psychologist practitioners. Clinical faculty conduct applied research, leading the way with the development of new and more equitable prevention and treatment strategies while simultaneously teaching and training students to use those techniques.  

Consistent with the practitioner-scholar focused mission, GSAPP clinical faculty are passionate about conducting research that is driven by the needs of the community. Many GSAPP faculty partner with community settings to develop and test ideas. Our New Jersey community is diverse, and clinical faculty are focused on providing culturally informed, evidence-based treatments, particularly for underserved and marginalized populations.   

Shireen Rizvi, Ph.D - Clinical Psychology

Practicum and Internships

Our model presumes that training approaches should be influenced by developments in science and in the practice environment, and so requires us to actively cultivate avenues of influence to ensure the most updated advances.

GSAPP is proud to announce that for over a decade, our Clinical PsyD students achieved an impressive 100% internship match rate!


Student Perspective

Clinical Psychology PsyD, Class of 2025; Hispanic Organization of Professional Psychology Students (HOPPS) leader; Student Representative for Council of University Directors of Clinical Psychology (CUDCP); Jamila Irons-Johnson PsyD Achievement Award Recipient 

"Being selected as a student representative for the CUDCP means a seat at the table as a future clinician of color, as a Latino, as a first-gen. I’m grateful for the opportunity to bring in a culturally unique perspective that reflects a diverse future generation of psychologists. My hope is that by filling this position, I can help advocate for future clinicians and further highlight the importance of cultural representation within the field of psychology.”   

Kevin Eslava

Clinical Psychology Leadership

Dr. Shireen Rizvi, ABPP

Department Chair, Professor, Core Faculty, Department of Clinical Psychology

Dr. Angelica Diaz-Martinez

Director of Clinical Training, Teaching Professor, Department of Clinical Psychology

Dr. Connie Hoyos-Nervi

Practicum Coordinator, Assistant Teaching Professor, Assistant Director for Clinical Training, Department of Clinical Psychology

Julie Skorny

Program Coordinator, Department of Clinical Psychology

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