The faculty at GSAPP epitomizes the profession of psychology, holding leading roles as primary investigators on research, service grants and contracts; serving as clinical and school psychologists in their private practices and schools; and consulting for organizations and communities. In addition to teaching, many of GSAPP’s faculty are currently working on research projects to advance the understanding and study of treatments for a wide range of mental health disorders, including BPD and depression.

The goal of GSAPP is to prepare well-educated, qualified, and competent direct-service professionals who can integrate scientific knowledge with innovation in the delivery of psychological services to individuals, families, groups, and organizations. GSAPP’s students benefit from clinical training in a wide array of practicum sites – both within GSAPP and through partnerships with its external affiliates. Although graduate student training is the primary focus at GSAPP, fieldwork courses are also designed for undergraduates in certain disciplines who may go on to graduate school or directly to careers working with at-risk populations.

Service centers and clinics at GSAPP represent the nexus of advanced research studies and the clinical training that makes up the core of its mission. GSAPP offers several different programs to address and treat the critical needs of those most vulnerable, including foster care, youth depression, and dialectical behavior therapy.