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James Walkup's early training was in philosophy, first at Yale University, then as a Rotary Foundation Graduate Fellow at St. Andrews University (Scotland). After receiving his Ph.D. degree in clinical psychology, he held a postdoctoral fellowship in inpatient psychiatry at SUNY (Downstate). In 1991, he was awarded a NIMH postdoctoral fellowship at the Institute for Health, Health Care Policy, and Aging Research at Rutgers. In 1994, he was hired as a full-time faculty member at GSAPP. His research has concerned ways in which the lives of people with serious mental illness are affected by factors other than illness symptoms, including institutional, medical, cultural, and economic factors that disproportionately impact socially marginal populations.   He has studied the deveopment, organization, and financing of services by public insurance programs, the history of inpatient psychiatry, HIV and mental conditions, and the stigma associated with mental illness.   He chaired the NIH study section on AIDS and related research integrated review group from 2006-2008.



Adult Psychopathology

Serious Mental Illness


Stigma, severe psychopathology; HIV/AIDS; mental health policy; philosophical issues in psychology.  

Current empirical research focus on provision of care to socially marginal populations, particularly those with serious mental illness and HIV.  One research approach uses using de-identified Medicaid and Medicare claims files examine patterns of care, access barriers, health outcomes.  A second approach uses experimental methods to study how stigma affects decision making in various institutional contexts.


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