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Monica Indart's primary professional work focuses on providing consultation, early intervention and an array of treatment modalities for traumatic experiences. Her work includes crisis intervention and response to disasters and complex emergencies, both domestically and in conflict zones, combining clinical and community oriented approaches.  She has worked with several large international NGO’s, such as the United Nations and Doctors without Borders, in providing training, consultation and program development. She maintains a psychotherapy practice in northern New Jersey where her clinical work is informed by the integration of psychodynamic principles, cognitive behavioral interventions and culturally responsive approaches to healing trauma and complicated grief.



Crisis Intervention

Integrative Perspectives on Trauma


  • Trauma assessment and intervention
  • Cultural and spiritual aspects of traumatic experience and recovery
  • Crisis intervention
  • Disaster mental health services
  • Grief, loss and mourning
  • Training, program development and evaluation related to psychosocial-humanitarian relief projects, particularly those focusing on crisis intervention, HIV-AIDS, trauma and post-civil conflict societies in developing nations