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From the Desk of the Assistant Dean for DEI

From the Desk of the Asst. Dean of DEI

Whether you are looking to learn more about the Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology (GSAPP) or are a current student, faculty, staff member, or alumni, we are thrilled that you have chosen to be part of our beloved community.

A Message from the Assistant Dean for DEI

A commitment to DEI principles is evident in the GSAPP’s nearly 50-year history and is firmly grounded in our core values of:

  1. Academic Excellence
  2. Commitment to Social Justice and Underserved Populations
  3. Diversity of Populations and Perspectives
  4. Generation and Dissemination of Knowledge

Much of our work in DEI is aspirational and the examination of our policies and practices is an ongoing process. DEI work is fluid, and it is a process that we must continuously embrace and try to improve upon. Every day, GSAPP faculty, staff, and students strive to embody the spirit of our Diversity Statement and core principles through the curriculum, research, and service in which we engage. Creating a community where all people are included and feel a sense of belonging requires self-reflection, active listening, and sometimes, uncomfortable conversations. Throughout the year, I will host sessions that offer opportunities for necessary discussions to take place, in order to keep the work moving forward to foster a just and equitable environment. 


In Community

If you would like to bring any great work that is happening related to DEI principles to my attention, I encourage you to please reach out via my email address below, or stop by my office in the Psychology Building (A339). Please regularly check our social media channels, where much of this work is highlighted (InstagramFacebookLinkedIn, YouTube, and X/Twitter). Conversely, it is important to acknowledge that as a community, we will stumble at times, and I want to hear about that as well. If you are a target of, or witness to, any acts of bias, please alert me - in-person, through email, or by clicking the button below and completing the form. Lastly, I welcome your thoughts about continuing education opportunities, the curriculum, or any other areas where you believe we can improve.  

I look forward to establishing and maintaining open lines of communication, building and sustaining fruitful partnerships, and a promising future as “one GSAPP,” a place where we all belong.  

In community, 
Dan Rice

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Walking the Talk

GSAPP strives to foster a beloved community through its groups, gatherings, and more. Groups such as the Committee on Diversity (COD) and Focus On Our Diversity (FOOD) function each year to provide spaces for students to discuss diversity with their peers. Annual events including the Welcome Back Picnic, the Multicultural Potluck, and the Dean’s Multicultural Advisory Committee and International Alumni (DMAC & IA) event focus on building community, while the Diversity Recruitment Night, the biennial Culture Conference and monthly professional development offerings provide opportunities to learn, grow and expand our relationships with our greater community.

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