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GSAPP Student Groups

All GSAPP students are welcome to join any of these student organizations.

  • Contact: Veronica Campbell and Elisa Campos; Faculty Advisor: Dr. Ryan Kettler

    The GSAPP Applied and Professional Psychology Student Alliance (APPSA) is an organization run through the Rutgers Graduate Student Association to help promote climate, culture, and diversity at GSAPP. We serve as liaisons between the student body and administration, seek to promote self-care and wellness among GSAPP students and assist in organizing and funding student-run groups. We also hear feedback about what groups people perceive as missing, and help instate them. We have changed and adapted our involvement over the years and are happy to meet your needs, whatever they may be! We represent all GSAPP programs.

  • Contact: Alina Yu, Chloe Chan, Sonali Singal, and Tamina Daruvala; Faculty Advisor: Dr. Tanya Saraiya

    The Asian Students' Association (ASA) celebrates Asian, Asian American, and Pacific Islander (AAPI) students at the Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology. ASA supports and promotes the social, cultural, and academic interests of AAPI graduate students by holding community meetings, social activities, and educational events. Our mission is to amplify AAPI voices at GSAPP, tell our diverse stories, share our unique experiences and cultures, and learn more about mental health in the AAPI community and our roles as future AAPI psychologists. Membership is extended to all graduate students enrolled at the Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology.

  • Contact: Oluwakemi Dauda, Cindy Forestal, and Sherrikah Hayes; Faculty Advisor: Dr. Shalonda Kelly

    Formally BSGPPP, BGSA was founded to help increase the number of Black and other diverse students at GSAPP, to enhance student life, and to provide support and community during the rigorous experience of graduate school. We are actively involved in a number of events throughout the year to achieve these goals. We have dinners and informal gatherings where we share, give support, and socialize, and we are constantly searching out new directions to cultivate our experience in graduate school.

  • Contact: Aiyana Bedoya; Faculty Advisor: Dr. Germán Cadenas

    GSAPP's COD is an organization that is a faculty and student collaboration dedicated to issues of diversity, inclusion and equity in the practice of professional psychology. The COD is open to all and creates opportunities for outreach and diversity training, education, and training in multicultural psychology by fostering connections between faculty, students and alumni, especially connecting alumni of color with current GSAPP students. The COD is student-focused, committed to social justice, and creates nonjudgmental opportunities to learn and listen. The COD is an official committee of the dean’s office at GSAPP.

  • Contact: Kevin Eslava ke235@gsapp.rutgers.eduJaylene Sosa, Alejandra Sanchez-Armiento; Faculty Advisor: Dr. Angelica Diaz-Martinez

    As an organization, HOPPS has set forth many goals. Among its most important is to provide a supportive and nurturing environment for its members. An equally important goal is to actively assist the GSAPP in recruiting qualified Hispanic students to our programs. Other goals include: educating the larger GSAPP community to the needs of the Hispanic community, sponsoring educational and social activities that celebrate Latino culture, and collaborating with other GSAPP student organizations and alumni.

  • Contact: Shulamis Halon; Faculty Advisor: Dr. Sheva Cohen-Weiss

    The JSA serves as a supportive space for Jewish students, and encourages friendship and collaboration within GSAPP's student population, regardless of Jewish background. The JSA also serves to advocate for Jewish students to ensure a rich and positive experience. Events exploring and celebrating Jewish life and culture will be held throughout the year, and all are welcome and encouraged to participate. 

  • Contact: Paulina Calcaterra

    PSA provides a space for students to develop and implement projects within and beyond GSAPP related to the intersection of psychology and social justice. Previous projects have included: advocating for multicultural training opportunities to return to GSAPP; advocating for gender-affirming practices and inclusivity of gender diversity within the CPS clinic medical record and training; compiling and sharing resources for accessible psychotherapy services for GSAPP students to utilize, etc. The group meets once a month and is an open, collaborative space. Look out for emails about when our next meeting will be!

  • Contact: Tanya Lalwani and Daniel Farina

    A learning community for those with an interest in psychoanalytic and psychodynamic theories and therapies.

  • Contacts: Clark Bils and Chase Johnson; Faculty Advisor: Dr. Stephanie Lyon-Stirling

    The QSA represents the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, and intersex community at GSAPP. We address issues of sexual and gender identity and practices that are relevant to clinical practice.  The QSA hosts relevant viewings and discussions of movies, maintains a queer presence during GSAPP events, provides consultation to student clinicians, and organizes social activities.